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Our Company Philosophy

Our Company Philosophy

Here at Arellano Realty & Investments, LLC, we believe to be successful, we must set out our philosophy of doing business clearly. These things, above all else, are important to us:


Accountability. Our clients and customers must be happy with the transaction, or we shall not get repeat business. If we make a mistake, we must be accountable and make it right with the customer. We expect our sales staff to be accountable for mistakes if a client is damaged.


Reliable. An organization can be great when all members are working together for a common purpose. It can be only mediocre when some are rowing in a different direction. Helping one another when possible will bring harmony and wealth to us all. We expect cooperation from our employees and sales staff.


Educated. We should never undertake an assignment for a client or customer unless we have the training and experience to do the job. We believe in continuing education, for only by learning better ways to provide service can we enhance our reputation. We expect our employees and sales staff to continue learning.


Leadership. The history and also the future of Arellano Realty & Investments, LLC are built on leadership and vision. It is our aim to increase the corporate value and goodwill lastingly in order to promote continuous growth and profitability. Cooperation within our company and with external partners, customers and suppliers is based on the principles of ethics, equal treatment, tolerance and respect in everyday encounters.

Loyal. No organization can grow and prosper unless each member of the team puts forth the maximum effort. Often, we feel a tendency to “let down,” and to do less than our best. We expect hard work from our employees and our sales staff.


Authentic. No other single attribute of a person or of a business can have such an impact on success or failure. We believe that every action must be taken with truth and honesty, and if we must ask ourselves if it is all right to do something, it probably is not. There must be honesty in every action, truth in every word. We expect honesty from our employees and our sales staff.


Networking. We believe that adding value starts with identifying inherently good opportunities and executing on a strategy that combines creative thought and thorough analysis with a fundamentals-based approach to value creation. Everest adds value during each phase of the investment lifecycle by uncovering attractive investment opportunities through its strong network of market relationships, performing thorough due diligence, optimizing the capital structure for its investments, combining creativity with discipline in its capital investment plans, providing focused, hands-on asset management and executing well-timed and well-marketed divestitures.


Outstanding Service. Our clients and customers have a right to expect outstanding service. We are paid not for our time, but for our service. If we expect to be well paid, we must provide the highest level of service available. We expect our employees and our sales staff to provide excellent service.



These things, above all else, are important to us. We shall not vary from these principles under any circumstances.



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